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Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Goals

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Erich and I had a wonderful time, saw lots of people and had tons of good food. I've got plenty of leftovers for a few days yet so no cooking here:) Everyone liked their presents and we got some nice things too. My favorite things are the portable DVD player from Erich (which will be put to good use as soon as our new furniture arrives) and Super Mario Galaxy which I bought yesterday with the help of a Christmas GC. And after today I'm off work til the new year so I probably won't be around much. We'll do the year's goal recap and 2008 goals today then and get them out of the way. I know what I've done and I'm not likely to have any last minute additions at this point, esp since the arrival of Super Mario Galaxy at my house, LOL!

Here's 2007 (completed in green)-

-Finish Noah's Sub
-Finish TW's Nativity
-Finish Celtic Christmas
-Start and finish HAED QS Dragonfly
-Start and finish HAED QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble
-Start Santa's Magic
-Start Skeleton Crew
-Finish ornies with at least 1 new finishing technique
-Learn more about framing my own projects

I did start QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble, just haven't finished. I plan to keep it on as my 2008 SAL Challenge project though so it'll see some more time in the coming year. I had a case of startitis for awhile there and didn't work on my WIPs as much as I meant to but I intend to remedy that in the coming year too and will carry over the unfinished "finish" goals. I do have Skeleton Crew ready to go but decided to wait on it a bit after the startitis subsided and I realized how many WIPs I have. Hopefully I"ll have them down to a manageable level by summer and I can start this one then. New finishing techniques kind of went out the window too, I started stitching them early and then got behind. Oh well, next year on that too then!

-Lose 30 lbs

-Purchase living room furniture for the house
-Paint living room, kitchen, office, and half bath
-Paint front porch railings
-Plant bulbs in the front yard if none come up this Spring (not sure what the previous owners planted)
-Move lilac bush in back yard away from the house (it's too big and blocks a window)
-Go camping at least once
-Go to 2 Nascar races (already have tickets!)
-Post at least once a week here.

I am actually down 7 pounds from the start of the year so that's progress, not as much as I wanted but still better than gaining weight. Hopefully, I'll do better in the new year. The painting kind of went out the window when the lady we have hired in the past had some family illnesses to deal with. That may or may not get done next year except for the porch railings which we're planning on doing ourselves. The lilac bush is coming out next Spring even if I have to hire someone. I would like to go camping too, it's been too long since we've done that.

And for 2008-

-Finish Noah's Sub
-Finish TW's Nativity
-Finish Celtic Christmas
-Finish Santa's Magic
-Frame Santa's Magic
-Frame The Lord's Prayer piece I finished a few years ago
-Start Skeleton Crew
-Finish ornaments with at least one new technique
-Finish QS Believe (HAED/Jessica Galbreth)
-Finish 3 full pages of a HAED/Lisa Victoria dragon design

-Lose 30 lbs
-Paint front porch railings
-Get furniture for the craft room
-Install baseboards in the family room
-Have lilac bush removed from back yard
-Have bushes removed from front yard (they're half dead and ugly anyway!)
-Go camping at least once

I know that's a lot of stitching goals again but I'm actually pretty close to finishing a few of those pieces so I think it's doable. As for the nonstitching, DH and I just need to get time to do them. Some of the other people at my store are talking about doing a Biggest Loser style weight loss competition in the new year and that may help me on the weight loss, I really hope they do it.

Hope everyone has a great time, whatever you are planning for New Year's Eve/Day. Erich and I are hoping to sit around and be lazy as we haven't had much time to do that in the past couple months. Lots of movies, stitching, a few video games, sounds great to me:)

Happy New Year everyone!


Maree said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your goals. Losing weight is one of mine, too.

Hazel said...

All the best with your goals this year and definitely go camping it is such fun!! xx