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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Leland B-day pics

Meant to get back here a few days ago but didn't quite make it! The weather here has been horrible, warm and rainy and then to freezing within hours. And now we're supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow. Yuck! I was out this morning but now I'm home and intend to stay there. I've got a nice turkey breast to throw in the oven for dinner tonight and I plan to spend the afternoon doing laundry and stitching.

I uploaded a couple of Leland pics from his birthday. I tried to get my little brother to pose with him but apparently birthday hats are not cool when you're 12. Oh well, the dog seemed to like it...

Leland 1/27/08

...but only for a few seconds!

Leland 1/27/08

In other news, I've decided that exercising at home is not taking the weight and inches off fast enough so I joined Curves this week and actually had my first workout with a trainer today. I think I'll be feeling it later but in a good way! So far I like it, there seemed to be women of all fitness levels there so that helps and hopefully in a few more workouts I'll get the machines down and really be able to go at it:)

I'll get a stitchy pic up soon as I'll be switching projects tomorrow and am planning to try to finish Celtic Christmas in February. Oh and goals too, it's that time already!

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Karin said...

Happy Birthday to Leland!