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Thursday, January 24, 2008

How to Make Me:)

Ah, Friday or at least my version of Friday. After today's shift at work I'm off for a 3 day weekend and don't have too many plans except to celebrate my little brother's birthday and the puppy's first birthday. Yup, they share the same date which is quite exciting to my little brother who will be 12 on Saturday. He's convinced my mother that the dog should attend the party, his name should be on the birthday cake she's serving Saturday afternoon and that she really ought to bake a special little cupcake for the dog since he won't be able to eat the real cake that will have chocolate frosting on it. Thoughtful little guy, isn't he? He is kind of attached to Leland. He was with us when we visited the breeder and met Leland and when we brought him home. They're buddies and I hope I'll have some fun pics to share next week from their birthday party.

A little end of the week fun-

The Recipe For Sara

3 parts Shrewdness
2 parts Vigor
1 part Wisdom

Splash of Uniqueness

Serve over ice


Karen said...

I LOVE the new template! Enjoy your days off and Happy Birthday to your brother (and the puppy, of course!)

Karin said...

Enjoy your long weekend and the party!

Vicki said...

Happy first birthday to your puppy! I have 2 dogs myself and we always celebrate their birthdays, haahaa!!