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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone who is getting ready to celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving! I probably won't be around much til afterward as I've got tomorrow off work and I'm going to be cooking for the Thanksgiving dinners we're attending. On my list this year is a spinach salad for Grandma's house, green bean casserole and a relish tray for Mom's and a pumpkin pie for Erich's family. Not just any pumpkin pie, this one is my Grandma's recipe for a layered pie with a kind of cheesecake filling on the bottom and pumpkin on top. Oh, and Erich's trying to talk me into a blueberry pie for home so maybe one of those too!

Thanks for all the good wishes for last weekend:) We had a great time! We got some Christmas shopping done so that'll make December a little less hectic. The casino was fun, I won $167 in one pull on a slot machine but the rest of the gambling didn't go so well and we ended up about $17 ahead by the end of the night and by the time we'd paid for dinner we'd put a whole $5 into the evening. I didn't go expecting to win anything so $5 for a nice dinner and a whole evening of entertainment for two is pretty cheap in my book!

Probably won't have any more stitchy pics for awhile. I'm so close to reaching my goal for Santa's Magic this month but I really need to put it down so I can finish my ornies for TWCOE. I promise pics of everything as soon as they're received and one of Santa's Magic when I make my goal there too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Hazel said...

I wish we had thanksgiving over here!! I love the idea of it. Your wips are coming along nicely. Check out my Haed DM when you get a chance. xx