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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

QS Dragonfly 9/19/07

I thought we were going to settle into some nice fall weather but we're back into the middle to upper 80's this week. Oh well, I guess it'll come soon enough. Trees are starting to change around here though ours are still pretty green so far. It was exciting at work the other day- they pulled out all the Halloween merchandise! I do love the fall and winter holidays:) I know it's a little early but I pulled out our Halloween stuff at home too. Still need to buy some outside decorations though. Erich's talking about lining the driveway with carved pumpkins this year so that'll keep us busy carving for a few days! We'll see as it gets closer to the end of October.

I do have a stitching update for you today. I've been working on QS Dragonfly this week and it just so happens that the HAED ladies are having a Background SAL this weekend so I think I'll continue it through the weekend. Here's my progress as of this morning...

QS Dragonfly 9/19/07

I think I've got enough background left to keep me busy for the weekend especially since I volunteered to work overtime on Saturday. I am getting awfully close to that other set of wings though! Maybe I'll have a HD soon:)


Cheryl (momstitches) said...

Sara, that's really coming along beautifully! WOW!

tkdchick said...

That is such a beautiful piece!

Christine said...

Sara, that looks absolutely amazing! You're so close to being finished!