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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Goals

We did make it back from the race and I do have a few pics as soon as I can get them loaded up but for now I have goals for you.

Recap for July...

-Finish current page of QS Dragonfly (got about half left)-No, not much stitching time this month
-Finish and send off Biscornu for the exchange on the Rotation Stitchers BB-Nope, it's gonna be a day or two late. I had to restitch it because I ran out of a color and couldn't get more in time.

-Clean out the basement storage rooms so they are once again usable-No, still on my list though
-Weed the front yard- Yes! I actually got one thing done:)
-Walk Leland 5 days a week- No, I forgot that I wouldn't be able to walk him for awhile after he got neutered.

Hope August is better but we're going on vacation so I'm not too ambitious (again, I know)...

-Participate in the HAED SAL Challenge Weekend
-Find some time to stitch on any of my WIPs! There hasn't been much extra time lately.

-Clean out the basement storage rooms.
-Go through our clothes for a Goodwill run.
-Take clothes to the donation center.
-Take recycling.
-Walk Leland 4 days a week while we're home.

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Hazel said...

Never mind about July - we all have blips! All the best with August. xx