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Monday, July 02, 2007

July Goals

July already and a short work week too or at least it would be if I weren't scheduled to work the 4th. Oh well, overtime is good too and I do get off at 4 instead of 9:) The weekend was pretty busy but Erich and I got a bunch of stuff done including fixing the sink, cleaning out the garage, taking the recycling (I wish they picked it up with the trash in this county), cleaning Leland's crate and bathing Leland too. I got some stitching done on QS Dragonfly too so I'll try to get a new pic up later this week. But on to the July goals...

-Finish current page of QS Dragonfly (got about half left)
-Finish and send off Biscornu for the exchange on the Rotation Stitchers BB

-Clean out the basement storage rooms so they are once again usable
-Weed the front yard
-Walk Leland 5 days a week

I'm not expecting too much this month but I think these few goals should be pretty easily met. Take care and have a Happy 4th to all those getting ready to celebrate!

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Extremlygentle1 said...

I look forward to seeing the QS grow. It really looks great what you have done *HUSG*