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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Back!

I've made it home and have been for a few days, just haven't had time to stop and say hi. Thanks for all the good vacation wishes, BTW. Life's been a little crazy the past few days as we unpack and get back to work. I'm training my new partner this week and he will fly solo on Monday (yay!!) so I'm about to get my life back. I came home to all kinds of financial issues- had to stop payment on a check, one of the attractions we visited debited our account twice for a transaction, and a few other things! Thankfully, my MIL works for the bank and was able to help clear everything up.

We did have a great time on vacation though and I promise I'll talk more about it and share pics too. I must have really needed the vacation because I forgot to pack tons of stuff I usually remember. One item was unfortunately my camera but that really wasn't so bad because we ended up buying the digital camera we've been debating on and so got to spend all of vacation playing with it. I'll share pics as soon as I figure out how to get them up.

I'll have wedding flower and stitching pics too. The wedding was very nice and the flowers were a hit:) I ended up taking my HAED QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble with me on vacation and was actually able to stitch on it in the car which surprised me. I kind of felt bad for missing the SAL Challenge weekend on the HAED BB but more than made up for it with a week's work on this piece. I've stitched some on QS Dragonfly too and will post pics soon.

Take care everyone!

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