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Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Goals

I promise that the vacation report is coming, probably in parts because it'll be long but it's coming. I still need to get my digital camera pics loaded up into the computer.

It is April 1st though and that means goal time! Last month was just plain nuts so I'm glad I didn't make too many goals...

-Finish another half page of QS Dragonfly- I stitched some but don't think it quite adds up to half a page.
-Decide on a design for the Dragon Dreams Exchange I signed up for- No, didn't have a chance.

-Exercise 4 times per week- I wish! Exercise kind of went out the window unless you count running around like a crazy woman trying to accomplish everything.
-Do our taxes, preferably before vacation- Another no but I will have to get to that very, very soon now!

-Have a wonderful, relaxing week away from work while exploring Atlanta and watching Nascar:)- Yes, we had an excellent time and can't wait to go back to Bristol in August!

I'm going to try and be realistic for April, not quite sure what this month will bring as I'm adjusting to having a new partner at work. That's not a bad thing, I actually think I'm going to start having some extra free time and possibly a life!

-Finish current page of QS Dragonfly
-Participate in HAED SAL Challenge
-Stitch and finish project for Dragon Dreams Exchange

-Exercise 4 times a week
-Clean up flower beds, pull weeds and dead stuff, etc outside
-Finish taxes and get the forms sent off

I think I'll leave it at that this month as I'm not sure how the new work hours will work out quite yet but my fingers are crossed for good results!

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