WIPocalypse 2012

Friday, November 02, 2018

October WIPocalypse


Well September and soccer got the better of me and I missed check in last month. But last week was the last soccer Saturday and hopefully we will now be getting back to our regular schedule. Oh wait a sec, it’s almost November so make that holiday prep schedule. Good news is that I discovered my latest obsession/hobby at a time where it can be used for holiday gift making. Bad news is that means less cross stitch this year but overall probably more crafting in general so not all bad, right? Anyway, I do have a cross stitch finish to show for my time away. I finished Silver Creek Sampler’s My Christmas List recently.


Stitched on Silkweaver’s opalescent Chocolate Vanilla Swirl (evenweave not linen) with some color changes, mostly used subtly variegated threads for the words and added green to the red, blue, brown color scheme. Hoping to turn it into a bellpull before Christmas. On the beading front I’ve graduated to patterned stars and am adding some to my to-do list as Christmas gifts. Here are a few of the completed ones...



And the turkey star I’m currently working on. He’s going to be giant compared to the others and will be a November birthday gift for my mother in law as she was a Thanksgiving baby.


After I finish that one I have a few more in mind for Christmas presents, probably 2 fleece blankets to assemble for gifts, and then maybe some actual cross stitching again!


ricketyjo said...

What lovely crafting. Congrats on your finish, its a really sweet piece. I love the beaded stars, I've not seen anything like those before, they are really pretty and striking!

Claudette497 said...

Beautiful work!

Astrids dragon said...

What a great finish, plenty of time to get it into a bell pull before the holidays.
Your starts look fantastic, what fun!

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