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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A late TUSAL and a finish

Thanks for the well wishes, babies are still looking healthy though their mama is starting to tire out a bit. Welcome to third trimester I suppose but I did get knocked down to half my normal hours per week at work today so hopefully that will help. I'm not quite ready to leave work all together yet but I think the time is coming soon.

No decorating pics yet, we've hit a couple temporary snags- had to order our second crib for the little guys and some of the decals we wanted in Josh's room don't stick as well as I thought they would so we're looking at some alternate adhesives.

I can show you some stitching though. I actually have added to my ort jar so I can do a slightly late TUSAL check in...

TUSAL 7/2014 photo 3DDDDD39-AB07-465E-8E53-E5BF2CFE7BB1_zpsb0mxza88.jpg

All the tan/brown orts in the middle are from my recent finish of the last birth announcement I owe my family.

My Favorite Teddy #4 7/23/14 photo C2E8CA18-94AD-4964-97B3-CCF6F0C21670_zpsiage0zde.jpg

Finally finished and now I can stitch for me for awhile:). And I have- the dark orts on top are from Space Traveler which you can see the corner of in the ort pic. I will take a full pic as soon as I make some visible progress on it. For now I'm pretty happy to be stitching anything but brown.

That's about it for now. Going to try to get in a little stitching tonight before I start to fall asleep in my chair:)


Hazel said...

Lovely stitching! I'm sure you will love all the extra time off. Xx

Deanne J said...

Glad you're doing well. I remember how my sister felt when she was due with her twins, many moons ago.

The birth announcement is adorable.