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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Sorry for the long break again, I have started stitching but the current project is for my last giveaway winner so can't show pics quite yet. I did want to do a quick post to say hi and that I didn't forget you, just nothing to show you at the moment. I should have some new framing home fairly soon, took a couple pieces to the LNS last week so I'll get pics of those as soon as they are done.

Also, wanted to say thank you so much for all the well wishes. All is going very well on the baby front- I'm at 12 weeks now and the terrible nausea and fatigue of first trimester seem to be easing up quite a bit so that's great news to me. I'm told the fatigue at least is just a temporary reprieve especially with twins but I'll take advantage of the break while I've got it. I've been to a few appointments both with the regular OB and the specialist he referred me to since twins are considered high risk, nothing wrong just standard procedure. Got to see the little ones in another ultrasound, they appeared to be having a party judging by their acrobatics in there and were given a thumbs up for their growth and heart rates. Can't ask for more than that! Be back soon with some stitching pics, until then happy stitching and I'll be enjoying all your pics:)

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Astrids dragon said...

Congratulations x2! I know what you're going through, how exciting! My identical twin boys just turned 16, and it seems like yesterday! The first year was the hardest, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Looking forward to hearing how you're doing. Take care.