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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Late TUSAL and a bit more stitching

I'm late but so was Daffycat so I don't feel too bad posting this now:). One last TUSAL for the year...

TUSAL 12/11/13 photo 5BC35B95-A6FD-415B-A532-59FF2EFD1954_zpseuexmldy.jpg

Here's one last look at my orts before I empty it out and start all over again in January. Lots of creams and browns on top from those Teddy birth announcements with a few blues, reds and greens from my recent Christmas stitching. And yes, my ort jar is posing with my stack of unsent Christmas cards. I'm planning on mailing them tomorrow. What is TUSAL? Glad you asked, head over to It's Daffycat to see what it's all about. Looks like Daffycat is going to host again in 2014 so signups for next year should be coming soon if you'd like to join in the fun!

Since I'm still not quite back to work I seem to have bunches of extra time so I actually have another finish to share too...

LHN Little Sheep Virtues Peace 12/10/13 photo 009C96EE-8CB5-4EDA-B2E8-C0BCB7131224_zpszwxh1gx4.jpg

That's another LHN Little Sheep Virtue and it's Peace this time. Might as well get ahead on my gift stitching while I'm sitting around in my behind. I am continuing to fell better too btw, kind of in that looks way worse than it feels stage but I'm not quite ready for work yet.

Oh and one more pic to leave you with today. How about a bit of Josh art since we haven't had any of that for awhile?

Paper snowflakes 12/11/13 photo 6385D877-344A-4FE8-AA72-E2B96DCD46CA_zpswax3gtd2.jpg

Probably not the best lighting but that's about as good as it gets in our family room unless you happen to be sitting under my stitching lamp. As you can see we spent some time making paper snowflakes today. Josh recently discovered scissors and has quite the urge to cut up paper "but not hair, shirts or fingers" he reminded me before we started so we put his cutting to good use and did some decorating today. I feel for the poor daycare teachers, I can't even imagine trying to keep a bunch of wild pre-K kids with scissors in line!

That's about it for today. Looks like the little guy is busy with his Legos so maybe I can make a start on my third birth announcement, the one and only pink version I'll be doing at least for now.

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Lesleyanne said...

Lovely orts. A gorgeous finish. The snowflakes are lovely too.