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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Late TUSAL and IHSW plans

So it's been awhile again, lots of stuff still going on around here. My father-in-law is still in the hospital. That's been a bit up and down but he's out of intensive care for the second time now and we hope well on his way to recovery. We're trying to maintain something that resembles a normal schedule for Josh but there's only so much we can do with all the trips to visit at the hospital. We are trying to do all our errands and visiting today so tomorrow we can stay home and have a family pajama day. I think we could all use it and its supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow too so staying in and hermiting is probably a good idea. Probably would be good for the stitching too especially since its IHSW weekend.

Speaking of the stitching, had my first 2013 finish the other day. It wasn't a WIPocalypse finish but I've been dragging my bag of Shepherd's Bush ornaments around the hospital with me and finally finished As Bethlehem Slept from the JCS ornament issue. No pic yet but I'll get that taken for next post. I'll get the exact issue too, it's from the series that ran 2000-2007 but I'm not quite sure which year this is from at the moment.

I have been working in my QS Pirate Dragon at home and am slowly seeing dragon legs forming.

QS Pirate Dragon 2/14/13 photo 5246E99B-0A86-4CFC-9B3C-1911ABC0B753-5711-00000624D3A528A3_zps2e98ec1a.jpg

That's from Thursday and will serve as my "before" shot for IHSW. Hoping to get a lot more done between tonight and Monday afternoon when I go back to work.

I know it's a little late but I also have TUSAL orts to show...

TUSAL 2/2013 photo B0F11640-EC15-4156-B03B-31C62F5A046F-5711-00000624C134F39A_zpsfb636528.jpg

They're all from the dragon, lots of brown and some green on top this time.

Oh, and me more thing before I leave you for the night- looks like Angela received my package from the giveaway earlier this month so I can now what I sent her...

Giveaway prize from 2/2013 photo B671B9D5-27F9-4CC6-ACF3-11CD9073EFC4-5711-00000624E5E330E7_zpse08e6d92.jpg

I tried to put together a few things for her new house as well as some stitching things with a Valentine's Day theme in mind so she got some Dinky Dyes, a Victoria Sampler kit, a cut of Silkweaver fabric, a small storage container, a candle, some cute little seed pots that hopefully grow pretty flowers and some strawberries, and a cupcake box to hold it all. I think she enjoyed it and it got to her before her move which is what I was crossing my fingers for.

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Claire said...

Hope you had a stitchy weekend.