WIPocalypse 2012

Friday, October 05, 2012

So by now if you're a regular Webshots user I'm sure you've seen the message too- not only are they about to change names but they're completely changing the focus of their service and as a result will no longer be a great choice for photo storage as I use it at the very least. Apparently I've got until Dec. 1 until they delete my stuff but I'd like to get things figured out a little sooner than that so I'm toying with moving all my pics over to Photobucket instead.  They have iPhone/iPad apps that I downloaded and tested this morning, seemed to work pretty well despite a few connection issues which may well have been our Internet provider as they are famous for having less than stellar connection around here but that's another rant in itself.

So here's the real test-

10/5/12 Witch's Pantry, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

That's a pic I took of Witch's Pantry on my iPhone this morning and uploaded via the app.  I think the quality is ok but would like to know how it looks to you. Up to now I'd been using our digital camera, saving the pics from SD card to desktop and then uploading. This is certainly faster but not worth it if the quality stinks. Either way I'm not looking forward to converting all my albums and links. I think for now I'm going to start using Photobucket and slowly convert the old links here as I move images so apologies in advance for temporary broken links!


Joysze said...

It's showing up on your post as in a small format. Clicking on it brings up the photobucket site and the pic looks pretty good. :)

Have you looked into Picasaweb? You already have an acct since it's automatically linked to your google account.

A note though: The free space is limited. I know lots of people who switch from Picasa when they needed extra space and didn't want to pay to upgrade.

For me, I'm ok with paying an extra $5 a year for 21gb of storage since I use that as my online storage as well.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm not sure why all the fuss? Blogger posts/hosts my photos for me through picasa albums I don't do anything just upload my pictures!

Jo said...

Argh, not had that email from webshots (or if I did I deleted it...). Hmmm, need to think about this. I upload blog photos directly to blogger, but would like to include an album of finishes. Maybe I'll just scarp that section, but I like referring back to it :(

Hope you manage to get your stuff sorted.