WIPocalypse 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celtic Autumn framed

Thanks for the well wishes for Josh, he is much better now though he did pass on the crud to both me and Erich before it was over, no fun at all!  Everyone is finally better now and just in time for Halloween too!  We've got plans for baking some spooky cookies today or at least sugar cookies with Halloweenish sprinkles and someone is very ready for trick or treating later this week.

In adoption news, as of tomorrow when I stop at the doctor's office to pick up documents we will have all our dossier docs except for the home study (coming very soon, agency doing final copies now) and citizenship paperwork (can't ask for until home study is done).  Still not there but we're getting closer, much slower than I'd like but then again I'd only be happy if our paperwork was in Poland yesterday.

I'd like to say I've been finishing off a certain Halloween piece but being sick made me a bit less patient with the black fabric and spider webs so I put it down in favor of a Mill Hill kit on perforated paper, nothing too complicated there but now I want to finish it.  Maybe I'll put it down later today long enough to finish off the last couple webs.

I do have a bit of stitching to show off, not a new piece but a framed one.  Picked it up a few days ago from the not-so-LNS...

Celtic Autumn framed 10/28/12, Framed Celtic Autumn by L&L stitched in 2011 for my grandmother. She's already in her new home with companion piece Celtic Noel. 2 down, 3 to go!

That's my version of Celtic Autumn by L&L stitched last year as part of the series I'm slowly stitching for my grandmother. She was very happy with the result and is currently trying to decide whether to display her pieces together or seasonally.


Z said...

It looks great.

Christine S said...

Absolutely beautiful, Sara! Congrats!