WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's a wing!

Happy to report I've made good progress on QS Pirate Dragon.  The confetti in the wing wasn't quite as bad as the tail but it was enough to make me happy to get to the boring block stitching in the sky so I give you random dragon parts...

QS Pirate Dragon 9/26/12

I'm getting very close to finishing the second of nine pages and I'm pleased with the design so far. I'm not quite tired of it yet so I think I'll continue on and see if I can hit the top of the design sometime next month.

Not to be outdone, Josh has his own craftiness to show off...

Josh's spooky house 9/24/12

Found this kit when I was bringing out all the Fall/Halloween decorations last week.  It was all precut glittery foam for the house and foam stickers for the decorations, perfect for his attention span.  Josh and I had it all together in about 20 minutes or so but he had a blast helping punch everything out and peeling backs off the stickers. 

Oh, and one more thing too...

Prize 9/24/12

That's Leland napping, I mean guarding my stash prize from the stitching competition last month.  I actually qualified for a silver medal and was generously rewarded with two cuts of Kiwi Illusions fabric and a skein of GAST.  I've never used any fabric by Kiwi Illusions before but it looks great so I'll have to decide what will be stitched on it soon.  Thanks Terry!!

For those keeping track of the adoption, we did manage to get 2 more documents needed since last post.  We're still about 9 away from being done, not counting the USCIS paperwork we'll be filing as soon as our homestudy is finalized.  Probably just me but it seems to be going in slow motion right now.  I don't think it helps that we've done everything we can do at this point.  We're really just waiting for other people to complete forms and send them back to us which is the hardest part for me as I'm not always a very patient waiter when it comes to this kind of thing.  Thanks for your support and kind words regarding the adoption btw, it can be a bit of a roller coaster sometimes but we know we'll get to the happy ending someday- Josh is sure proof of that:)

Off to find some cartoons for Josh and see if I can maybe sneak a few more stitches in before dinner. Happy stitching until next time!


Joysze said...

Josh is SUCH a cutie. :D

Congrats on winning the silver medla prize and Dragon is coming along beautifully!!!

Yeah, sometimes it takes awhile for all the paperwork to get done and waiting is tough, but it'll all be over soon and enough and well worth it. Hang in there!! :D

Erin (moviemuse) said...

Wow, two pages done already? I love watching pieces "grow." And boy, do I remember that "I have no idea what a natural smile is, so I'm just going to cheese the camera to death" phase. It takes a while to grow out of! LOL (Still fighting it, to some extent, with my near 8yo.) He does look very proud of his accomplishment, as well he should. :-)