WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August WIPocalypse

Long time no post:)  Since it is WIPocalypse check in time again and there are actually two scheduled for this month, I thought I'd better get on it and get my first post out before too much time passes.  So here's what I've been stitching on since last time we posted.

First up is Fish City.  It definitely grew since last round...

Fish City 7/5/12

Fish City 7/26/12

And then there's my new start to coincide with those sporting events over in London...

QS Pirate Dragon 8/1/12

I know, another new start but I'm still doing better on my finishes than starts for the year so I can live with that:)  This one will eventually be QS Pirate Dragon by HAED/Lisa Victoria.  Blue blob for now but I keep assuring my son I will get to the dragon eventually.  Hope everyone else is having lots of stitchy fun this round.

And in the non-stitchy news, adoption application is mailed off and should be reaching our new agency by the end of the week.  Attempt #2 at adoption #2 is officially underway!


MarchAnn said...

Thanks for stopping by and you are right there is a lot of detail in this piece. I like Fish City you are doing a great job. Great colors.

Barb said...

Fish city is progressing good. I look forward to seeing more of it. Your new wip looks nice.

cheryl said...

Nice progress on Fish City! Good luck with your adoption attempts.

Jan said...

Good progress on Fish City.