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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Doctor

I don't usually post a lot about TV but seeing this made me a bit sad this morning. Erich just got me interested enough in Doctor Who to watch all of last season's episodes as they aired in the U.S. and we bought the DVD's so I could catch up on the rest of the David Tennant episodes and the Christopher Eccleston ones too. I'm sure rewatching all the old episodes was really tough for him, he's a big fan and has been looking for an excuse to buy the recent seasons for awhile:) I really love watching David Tennant as The Doctor and hoped to get a few more seasons with him. As I've heard other fans say, he is "My Doctor," the one that really hooked me on the show and I will miss him. The next guy's definitely got a lot to live up to. Good luck to him!

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