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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm officially overwhelmed

Not only did we get our home study packet today but we also got our password to access the adoption agency's full website which gives us a very in-depth guide to everything we ever wanted to know or not about this adoption process. Talk about going from zero to full speed. I didn't expect to get both sets of information so soon and within minutes of each other. I probably did the wrong thing which was to try to read everything and understand it. And I promptly hit tilt. I find myself wondering if we really ought to be doing this. Do we really have the funds? Can we survive the paperwork? What about traveling to a country where we won't understand a lot of the language even if we prepare and learn some beforehand?

I think that's mostly the overwhelmed me talking though and talking about with the DH has helped. I'm forcing myself not to look at any more adoption stuff tonight and to only look at the two things we can work on before next week. We're going camping this weekend and I'm intending on enjoying it and not thinking about paperwork. A little stitching therapy might be helpful tonight too. Santa is coming along nicely and I think he deserves a little more attention.


Karin said...

Best of luck - just remember that there have been plenty of people who received the packets before you, and have managed to survive the process.

Unknown said...

My aunt has been through this twice. Feel free to contact me off list and I'll put you in touch with her if you want to talk to someone who's been there.

Anonymous said...

(((Sara))) I feel for you with how over whelming all the info is, but congrats on being smart enough to set it aside for a couple of days to give yourself time to absorb what you've already read.

Karen said...

I'm sure its extremely overwhelming. Not only the paperwork, but the reality of really adding a little life to your family. Your reaction sounds perfectly normal to me. Best of luck with everything!!