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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Have you seen all 50 states?

I've got vacation on the brain so thought this might be a bit of fun today. Through the link below you can highlight how many states in the US you've been to or countries of the world if you'd like. Countries would be a bit boring as the US and Canada are the only two I've been to (world traveler I am not, at least not yet!) but I've made the rounds in the East and West here in the US. Gotta do something about those middle states one of these days though!

In other news, the rain has pretty much cleared up and not too much damage around here except a little flooding. None for us though, thank goodness. I got a little more stitching done on the 15-sided biscornu, up to 3 motifs now. Maybe I'll get it on the scanner tomorrow morning before work if errands don't run too long. The DH and I are both off in the morning so we're going to do a bunch of little pre-vacation errands tomorrow. Only 2 more days to wait through and we're headed for a relaxing long weekend on Mackinac Island! I can smell the fudge now:)

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Jo said...

I always seem to end up in the middle - conferences, not choice. Do you think airports count???? I may have to try this, and work out there I've been in the States.

Great news that the adoption is moving. Have a great vacation