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Saturday, July 12, 2008

And now we wait...

...again. So the DH's doctor calls yesterday to let me know that the adoption paperwork we requested from them is ready. Finally! This is a big step, this paperwork will basically let the agency determine if we will be allowed to adopt from our country of choice. And even better, the doctor's office will let me pick it up so we can get it to the agency immediately. I wasn't sure with the privacy law and all but hey, that's great. So I head on over and pick up my envelope, practically run back to the car to open it, and almost cry. We had specifically asked that the medical evaluation and the letter written by the doctor be put on official letterhead. I said it, DH said it, the doc's office received not one but two copies of the email stating that this was the way it needed to be. You think they'd listen, right? Oh no, I got a copy of the sample medical evaluation we gave them back with notes and answers to the questions on it circled and instead of an official letter we got a chart note. None of it on letterhead. And we've been waiting almost two weeks for this. Arrghh!

So I call the agency and they tell me to send the info over anyway as is, maybe it'll be okay since this is for informational purposes at least at this time. The agency said they'll let me know if it is unacceptable and then we can try again with the doctor's office. So I sent it and now we wait. I'm quite tempted to head back over to the doctor's office and make them do it right so we can have it as I'm sure an official copy of this will be required at some later date and who knows how long it'll take them to actually get it right. I thought about doing it yesterday but we do need to be on good terms with the doctor, at least through the end of the adoption and I don't always put on a happy face very well when things like this happen. Plus I work with this doctor's office often in my job and I'd like them to still refer patients to us so I'll wait til Monday at least to go back.

So that's my whine for the start of the weekend. Hopefully it will get better from here. The stitching plans got interupted yesterday but it's already spitting rain this morning so maybe I'll get some done today instead.


Suzanne said...

((((HUGS)))) and prayers that everything works out the way it needs to be. Enjoy your "quiet" weekend!!! Suz

Hazel said...

Yep we have been having a few trials too. Hope it gets sorted for you. xx

Anonymous said...

(((Sara))), keep a journal (or a back up of your blog) of the adoption. It'll be good reading for your son/daughter years from when they yell, "you hate me and are the worst parents *ever*" and you can show them how much love and effort you put into making the ungrateful little brat part of your family. ;-D

Best of luck.