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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stitching Pics

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I've got some pics I meant to post yesterday but my internet connection was not cooperative so it had to wait. Erich and I spent almost all of Sunday in front of the TV watching football so I got some good stitching time in. He was very happy to see both the Colts and Bears move on to the Super Bowl though he will be torn on Super Bowl Sunday. It is pretty cool to see 2 local teams go. I would have liked to see the Saints move on but it does make it easier to cheer on the Colts without them there. I thought it would be cool to see Drew Brees win the Super Bowl since he was quarterback at Purdue for a few years when I was there and saw him play quite a few games including the one that sent Purdue to the Rose Bowl. It would have been an especially sweet victory for him to win with the injury he suffered last year, the shoulder surgery, and being traded the way he was. I guess there's always next year.

On to the stitching! I split the weekend between EGW and Titania. I know, I know, I was supposed to be trying to finish EGW but I had to take a break from the greenery plus I'm really curious about how Titania's going to look on that fabric.

The middle of EGW is really coming together. For the longest time it just looked like a bunch of shades of green but now I can really see the details. It's amazing how little backstitching the center requires.

EGW 1-22-07

I know it doesn't look like a fairy yet but this is part of the left wing and dress of Titania. I spent a lot of time on the sparklies Sunday though they don't show up in the scan of course. Hopefully the scan shows up well for you. I get a weird shadow pattern on the fabric, but only on my home computer.

Titania 1-22-07

That's all for this time, I'm off to do laundry and do a bit of organization in my craft room today. I've got kind of a weird work schedule this week, off one day, 13 hour day the next, repeat, and then work the weekend. Oh well, the days off are nice.


Christine S said...

Great progress, Sara!!

Arthemise said...

EGW is such a neat piece. You're right, the backstitching does make a huge difference.