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Thursday, January 11, 2007

QS Dragonfly Update 1/11/07

Thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a very nice day:)

As promised here's a new pic of my QS Dragonfly...

QS Dragonfly 1/11/07

I had a stitching marathon Saturday and stitched just a bit yesterday. I'm making good progress toward the edges of the first page. I had to finish "dream" though, it was really bugging me to have only half a word there. There are tons of sparklies in the white area below and next to the "d" in dream but the scanner just won't pick them up.

The dragonfly will probably be put away for awhile now, I've got a SAL to start this weekend and my Silkweaver order arrived so I'm anxious to start using it. I'd really like to start Mirabilia's Titania today. The Mountain Mist fabric and colors in the design should make an interesting contrast. I'm not 100% sold on it yet but Erich really likes the combination so I'll give it a shot.


Christine S said...

Dream looks beautiful!! Could you take a pic of the floss toss for Titania? I'd love to see it!

Sara said...


I can and will do that next time I fire up the scanner. I should have a WIP pic too, started the dress and a bit of wing yesterday. It's definitely different but the colors are really popping so far. I'll post bunch of pics after the weekend.