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Friday, January 05, 2007

January and 2007 Goals

It's time for goals again. We're already a couple days into the new month but I just haven't had time to get them up yet. I'm finding that goals keep me a bit more focused on what I want to get accomplished and it helps to post them here since I feel kinda bad if I have to report that I've accomplished none of them.

First off, here's what happened in December:

-Finish English Garden Welcome- Nope, got a lot of stitching in but no finish
-Kit up something to start on New Year's Eve/Day (depending on if I finish EGW or not)- Yes, started HAED QS Dragonfly

-Get master bedroom and family room painted (easy because I hired someone!)- Yes
-Move furniture into master bedroom and family room after painting- Yes
-Remove all boxes from living room before Christmas Day (some need to be unpacked, some just moved)-Yes
-Lose 5 lbs. I know it's the holiday season but I've been doing really well and have been exercising almost religiously. It might actually happen-No, but I did manage to maintain my weight through the holidays which is an accomplishment in itself. I think my trouble was that I didn't have as much time for exercise as I originally thought (zero time after the original post about exercising regularly). This month will be better though.

And onto January goals:

-Finish EGW
-Finish 1/2 page of QS Dragonfly
-Take advantage of "Guilt Free January"

-Begin exercising reasonably again-the holidays just got in the way last month.
-Rearrange furniture in family room-it's finally usable since it got painted!
-Get all the Christmas stuff packed away.

And finally, it is a new year so I've got some goals I'd like to accomplish before year's end too. Most of the stitching goals have been posted on the BB's but I'd like to bring them here too and include them with my other goals.

-Finish Noah's Sub
-Finish TW's Nativity
-Finish Celtic Christmas
-Start and finish both HAED QS designs I bought-Dragonfly and Pegasus and Castle Bubble
-Start Santa's Magic
-Start Skeleton Crew
-Finish ornies with at least 1 new finishing technique
-Learn more about framing my own projects

-Lose 30 lbs

-Purchase living room furniture for the house (all ours went into the newly painted family room)
-Paint living room, kitchen, office, and half bath
-Paint front porch railings
-Plant bulbs in the front yard if none come up this Spring (not sure what the previous owners planted)
-Move lilac bush in back yard away from the house (it's too big and blocks a window)
-Go camping at least once
-Go to 2 Nascar races (already have tickets!)
-Post at least once a week here.

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Christine S said...

Looks like you have some great goals for the month and for the year, Sara! Best wishes on accomplishing them!