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Monday, October 23, 2006

Smile, it's Monday

Well, actually it's Monday night and that's really why I'm smiling. Perfect time to relax and forget about the weekend or lack of that I've just had. So, what's going on at my end of the lawn, you ask?

Work- For those that don't know, I manage a retail pharmacy and currently am the only permanent pharmacist on staff. Work kinda stinks right now because I'm having a hard time finding willing bodies to work weekend shifts so that means that I get them. Seems like every time I make plans lately, someone calls off. I keep hearing from above that some weekend time off is coming my way and I can't wait! Honestly, when my promised time off comes I think I will have worked either 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 6 of the last weekends. There will be a full day of stitching in my near future!

Home- All is pretty good there. Hoping to not catch the nasty cold my poor husband has. Most of the important boxes are unpacked so now our free time isn't all consumed by picking through boxes looking for various items. I've actually been able to get some stitching done and hope to get even more done in the coming weeks.

Had an uh-oh moment when I got home tonight. There was a message from the police department on my answering machine. No big deal though, just a detective calling to have me set up an appointment to make a statement related to an incident where I found someone else doing something wrong and am trying to help catch them at it.

Stitching- I've made some progress on Noah's Sub. Not quite to my goal for tonight but I'm getting there. Some unexpected nights out this weekend slowed me down a bit but it was good to see our family so I won't complain. This week I'd definitely like to get that 4th page done though.

Stitching night with my friend has been postponed just a bit. Something came up last minute Saturday night for her and we weren't able to get together. Nothing was wrong, but she needed to be elsewhere. We may have stitching night this week sometime though. My husband is supposed to do an oil change on her car so all the better- she can fondle my stash in person and hopefully get hooked:)

And now it is time to go stitch and get ready to watch the new episode of Heroes. It's been awhile since I've found a good show on that wasn't reality-based or a gameshow but I really like this one. It's a lot different than anything I've seen recently and I'm really curious as to where it's leading.

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