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Monday, December 09, 2013

Some Christmas finishes

First of all, thanks for the gentle hugs and the kind words about the birth announcements in my last post. I've been quite busy the past few days.

As someone who does not sit still very often normally it has been refreshing for a few minutes at least to not have a huge list of things I must doand places I have to be. On the other hand at day 5 of being home I've now had time to write thank-you notes for Josh's birthday, play lots of Candy Crush, make an Amazon wish list a mile long, watch endless hours of television, write out most of my Christmas cards, make a shopping plan for Christmas present shopping (as soon as I get my car back, how did my dear husband know I'd consider taking a drive today?), help put up the Christmas tree, start to consider Christmas cookies and Christmas dinner, finish off my goal of 6 ornaments, and finish off the LHN Little Sheep Virtues pillow I stitched for my sister in law.

I'm not ready to go back to work yet as I've only got about 30-45 minutes of good movement and walking around before I start to hurt but I'm definitely mobile again and off the "good" drugs (the only thing preventing my driving, except of course that Erich has my car) as long as I don't overdo it. Work requires 6-12 hours of constant motion without sitting for any length of time so I'm not quite there yet but by the end of next week I think I'll be ready for a couple short shifts back. Thankfully the way things have fallen I'll have just that, a couple 6 hour shifts followed by the weekend off. So the plan for the next week is either a short trip out in the morning or a few light chores at home followed by some stitching and resting in the afternoon and hopefully I'll be just about back to normal by next Thursday.

This is all provided of course that I can pry my husband out of my heated seats. He obviously knows me too well as apparently he's been driving my car to work every day knowing I'd eventually decide I was tired enough of home to take a quick trip out and also that I won't drive his car. I only realized this a little while ago when I took out some recycling and the garage was empty. Oh, but tomorrow I'm taking back the keys and satisfying my urge for Starbucks and a little shopping if only for half an hour or so.

Until then I do have a few stitching pics to show off. Sorry in advance for any poor quality of the compressed images. They look fine full size but for whatever reason my iPad at least is making the thumbnails look pretty bad. As I said I did actually stitch six of the Foxwood Crossings designs to decorate the sleds I bought way back in May...

Foxwood Crossing Sleds 12/9/13 photo 09C18C2D-7A6E-4785-9993-17F6C77EA0FC_zpswy4zc9g7.jpg

They're from a mix of the sled leaflets available and stitched mostly with the recommended threads though I did swap the colors on the borders of a few and completely substituted the border of the quilt block charts with a more cream color (DMC 739) instead of the recommended gold. Glued them together this morning and when they're completely dry I'm going to take a paint pen to the underside and date them with the year.

I also finished up Hope, my second LHN Little Sheep Virtues pillow. It's been sitting around stitched and in various states of partially finished for a few weeks now but I want to give it as a Christmas gift so I took the time and got it Christmas ready this morning. Here it is hanging out in the Christmas tree, apparently being watched over by a curious mouse ornament:)

LHN Little Sheep Virtues Hope 12/9/13 photo 03FC6D37-A8C1-4700-B72C-E8D4034B4C53_zpsl5qjmt2b.jpg

That's about it for now. Off to hopefully get a bit of stitching and rest in this afternoon before the boys get home. Maybe I'll actually make 3 posts within a week. Let's hope that Blogger can handle it, can't remember the last time I've done that!

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Angela CG said...

Beautiful pillow finish!!