WIPocalypse 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April WIPocalypse

As promised I have some stitching pics for you. I didn't get quite as much as I wanted to done but I do have some progress to show for the WIPocalypse. First up is Fish City...

Fish City 1/31/10

Fish City 4/10/12

I hadn't picked this one up since 2010 when Josh saw it in my WIP pile and announced that he wanted fishies. I had originally started it after finishing Noah's Sub and almost immediately abandoned it in favor of some other screaming WIP. I always meant to finish it and put it in our second bathroom (Josh's) but it may be going in his bedroom instead depending on how fast my needles move. Looking at the before/after, I guess I got a little farther than I thought on this one but still a loooonnnnggg way to go. Definitely a BAP!

I also worked on Chatelaine's Watergarden this round...

Watergarden 12/31/11

Watergarden 4/10/12

This one had seen my needle a little more recently- just in December of last year. Not as much progress to show but some is better than none.

That's about it for now. My intent is to rotate through these two pieces again in this next round so hopefully they will grow again over the next month. Off to go try to get a few stitches in while Josh naps and then I promised him some outside play time:)


dulcinella said...

The fishes are soo cute! And your garden chatelaines garden looks wonderful! Congrats on your progress

Joysze said...

They're both beautiful, Sara. Fish City is too cute for words.