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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A late TUSAL and some updates

Sorry it's been so long, we had a wonderful vacation and then life just went nuts. We all got sick with one virus or another, Erich had to go out of town for work, we had fingerprint appts for the adoption, Halloween is coming and on and on. I think we're returning to something resembling calm now for the moment at least. I'm currently on a little vacation from work which has been very nice. The new Winnie the Pooh movie came out this week so we had a little screening party complete with pizza. We drove out to Michigan City yesteray for Erich's fingerprint appt and spent a little time shopping. Santa bought a few presents and I even stopped at House of Stitches for a few treats.

Stash 10/28/11

Sorry for the sideways pic, Webshots apparently has decided not to play nice today, hopefully you can see the picture too but if not my big purchases were Spirit of Evergreen by Brook's Books and Biscornuments by Victoria Sampler. I was in a bit of a Christmas mood yesterday. I'm a sucker for biscornus and I've been looking at the Brook's Books designs recently, the Halloween one in JCS this year really hooked me. Now I just need some time to stitch!

Speaking of stitching, I have found some time over the last month. I spent my vacation stitching time on the Apothecary design from the Mill Hill Christmas Village series.

Apothecary 10/13/11

I'm hoping to stitch a bunch of these and display them during Christmas on our staircase. It seems a bit safer than putting out the actual Christmas village that I have, at least while there are little boys and a dog running around.

I've also made some progress on Watergarden which I am absolutely loving.

Watergarden 10/28/11

I wish you could see the sparkle in the fabric but it just doesn't get picked up in the pictures.

One more thing to share- I am terribly late on TUSAL but I do have a picture to post. There aren't as many orts as I'd like but I'm getting close to covering up all the pink from Flamingo.

TUSAL 10/28/11

That's about it for now. The boys are off to visit the new RC car store that opened up nearby and then we're going to carve pumpkins tonight and get ready for Halloween. We're starting a little early by going to see Josh's great grandparents tomorrow, then a big Halloween party at daycare Monday and trick or treating in the evening. Should be a good time!

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Christine said...

I love your Mill Hill design! I keep bugging DH that I want a Christmas Village to display on our fireplace mantle and he keeps resisting. Maybe I'll have to look into the Mill Hill series as a compromise! Your Watergarden looks lovely and yay for new stash!