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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Updates and a TUSAL

Sorry about the lateness of TUSAL but the holiday weekend kind of got the best of me. I had to work and we had some family get togethers and Erich's grandmother has been in the hospital since Monday and the air conditioner broke yesterday and somehow it's already Thursday again. We're hoping the doctors can figure out what's going on with Erich's grandmother soon. She's had multiple medical problems for a long time but this one's a new one and they're not quite sure what's happening yet. On a much more minor note, the air conditioner has been pronounced as being on it's last leg and will be replaced soon. It figures, we were just about down to no debt again and I got a bonus from work last week. Thank goodness tomorrow's Friday and hopefully the weekend will be a quiet one.
Despite all the craziness of this week I did manage to get enough time together to make a batch of blueberry jam yesterday.
Blueberry jam 7/7/11

And I have been stitching too. Celtic Autumn's been in my hoop and I have the orts to show it as well as a picture.
TUSAL 7/7/11

Celtic Autumn 7/7/11

I'm still on track to be finished by the middle of next month though I'm feeling the itch to stitch on something else, nothing in particular just something else. I'm thinking of giving in for a few days and then push on through until the end. Happy stitching and here's hoping there's no more excitement in our house for awhile:)

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WendyJo said...

I hope the doctors find out what is wrong with Erich's grandmother and she is on the mend soon.

Your jam looks so yummy! I have a ton of blueberries in the freezer for blueberry pancakes and smoothies. I haven't tackled making jams yet.

Your Celtic is looking so very pretty. The colors are just gorgeous. I will keep checking back to see your progress.

Glad your a/c is fixed. I would be miserable without it.