WIPocalypse 2012

Thursday, May 05, 2011


So it's been about a month without a blog again. Sorry about that, I really don't know where April went. I meant to get around to blogging several times but honestly we were all sick (yes, again) and then there was work and then it was Easter and then I don't know where all the time went but it's May now and here we are.

There have been major developments in our household though. For starters, Joshua's tubes are working beautifully and his speech continues to develop. He now speaks in short sentences and is learning new words really quickly. Colors finally clicked in his little head and he walks around naming the color of everything now:) And that's not all- he's decided to be a big boy now and started to use the potty too as long as it is not a public restroom. No, he's not germaphobic or anything like that. We had a little incident with an auto-flush toilet that flushed while he was still sitting there. Not a happy thing at all, very scary, hopefully we'll get over that sometime before college.

Next big thing is that we're taking our first real family vacation. We had to take some time off in July anyway when Josh's daycare closes for vacation so we're going to take a trip to the Chicago area for an extra long weekend with my parents and brother. No solid plans yet but top of the boys' list is Legoland in Schaumburg.

And finally, the fun stitchy stuff. Here's the May installment of my TUSAL...



As you can see, I have a rainbow of color this time around. It comes from a mixture of the end of my giveaway prizes which are now in the mail on their way to their new owners, the end of Hydrangea Pillow, and some Celtic Autumn. I still have to get Hydrangea Pillow and Celtic Autumn to the scanner which will hopefully happen sometime this weekend. My stitching plans since finishing Hydrangea Pillow have mostly been to work on and maybe even finish Celtic Autumn since I'd like to give it to my grandmother in August as a birthday gift. I think I can make it with room to spare. I'm on the last section of the skirt and am filling in all the color after doing the gold pattern. If I remember correctly from Celtic Noel the border goes relatively quickly so we'll see what happens.

Off to try to get a few more stitches in before Joshua wakes up from his nap. Those seem to be getting shorter and shorter these days.


RC said...

My daughter had similar issues with the auto flush. I read about carrying a small package of postit notes to cover the sensor. When he is over his fear, maybe you could try again. =)

Cheryl said...

Poor kiddo with the auto flush! That's got to be a scare! But it sounds like he's getting to be such a big boy! What fun times. :D Looking forward to some stitching pics!

Jo said...

Glad to hear Joshua is doing so well (bar scary incidents with the autoflush - to be honest that happened to me, as an adult, when they were new in the UK, and it scared the crap out of me. Poor little guy). Lovely orts - hope you get to that scanner!