WIPocalypse 2012

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Celtic Autumn

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes! The snow definitely hit hard in our area, so much so that the two neighboring cities we frequent had snow emergencies over the weekend and my parents and grandparents were pretty much buried for a day or two. Our house didn't get hit that badly as we were just on the right side of the lake effect band but you never know what'll happen with the lake. The three of us did end up going out for dinner on our own in our own city as the roads were decent and we met my parents for dinner Sunday night when the snow had eased up and the roads were starting to be plowed so I guess that was a bonus dinner out. And I definitely love the necklace, already worn it a few times. The little guy has taste, that's for sure! Loves chocolate, books, and picks out good jewelry, what more could you want from your toddler:)

We finally got around to taking down the Christmas tree tonight. Almost anyway. It's still down there with just the lights on looking pretty sad but Erich will have it out by tomorrow night. I'm ready to be done with Christmas but it always looks so empty in the house after all the decorations are down. I think tomorrow we'll stop somewhere in our wanderings to the various doctor's appointments we have set up and look for some Valentine's Day decorations. Not quite the same but better than bare windows and walls.

Oh, and I've been working on Celtic Autumn. I thought I'd bring it back for a new scan since I've got a little of all 3 color groups stitched on her dress now.

Celtic Autumn 1/11/11

I really like this combo better than the original colors. It just looks more like Autumn to me. Only thing I'm a little worried about is the white/ecru section on the back part of the dress. I'm afraid it might blend in too much with the fabric but there is gold outlining most of it plus the border runs pretty much right into that section so we'll see how it looks later. Happy stitching and thanks again to all the commenters and new visitors! Welcome!


Christine said...

Lovely progress, Sara!

Julie said...

Great progress! I love the colors.

Beth said...

I am glad that you are not snowed in, at least right now! I think your Celtic Autumn is going to be beautiful with those colors!