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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

As 2010 winds down I've been thinking a lot about what I'd like to accomplish in 2011. I think my life goals are pretty simple- I'd like to settle down in my new job and get back on track with weight loss. 2010 was just not the year for that with all the stress and adjustments our little family has been through, not that I'd change a second of it:)

As far as stitching goals go, let's look at 2010:

~Start L&L's Celtic Autumn
~Start Watergarden
~Start Nora Corbett's Poppy
~Finish something for every start I make- 3 non-ornament finishes and 1 new start
~Finish ornaments with at least one new technique- Santa's Buddies, I really liked the fringed ornament Terry sent me so I tried something similar on this one

All those new starts I had planned kind of went out the window. I still want to do Watergarden and Poppy but they're going to take a back burner for Celtic Autumn. I'd like to get that done first and then we'll get to the others unless something else catches my attention first!

Officially, here are the 2011 goals:

-Stitch and frame L&L's Celtic Autumn for my grandmother
-Kill at least 2 WIP's in my pile
-Start HAED Dragon Master and complete at least 1 full page
-Complete another full page of Dragon Moon
-Use a new finishing technique on ornaments
-Frame Santa's Magic

I think I can manage these. We'll see.

I did make it over to House of Stitches the other day with Joshua. He was pretty well behaved though I didn't get to stay quite as long as I would have liked which is probably a good thing considering how much money I spent anyway. In my defense though, 75% of it was Christmas money! Here's the list...

-fabric for Dragon Master and the new Donna Giampa pillow, Frosty Wonderland
-Gingerbread Stitching House by The Victoria Sampler
-Holly Bows 2010 ornament by Just Nan
-Red Stocking Collection I and II by JBW Designs
-Kits for Blackberries on Gingham and Holiday Holly biscornu pincushions by The Sweetheart Tree
-Piccalilli by Ink Circles

They were having a sale on Christmas items so I couldn't pass these up. I've been drooling over that gingerbread house for awhile and Dani's pictures of the JBW stockings sold me on those. I had so much fun doing the Sweetheart Tree biscornu earlier in the year I'd really like to make at least one for myself so maybe one of these will find it's way into my craft room and not leave:)

As for my current stitching, QS Believe is coming along. I'm all done with confetti and about halfway through the remaining background. I might still make it to the end today. We don't have any big New Year's plans. Joshua's got a bit of a cold and we're actually in the middle of a thunderstorm so we might just stay home all day. If I'm lucky he'll take a long afternoon nap since I don't think he slept well last night. I might be back with one more 2010 HD, if not then a very early 2011 HD!

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