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Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday pictures

I've been away a few days longer than I meant to but it's been a rough couple of weeks. Busy at work, Joshua's birthday, Thanksgiving, the flu (so far for Erich only, keeping my fingers crossed the rest of us are safe), and a bit of job-related goodness I don't want to go into detail on just yet. Anyway, those are the excuses and here are some pictures.

The birthday ones aren't terribly late but I do have a few Halloween ones that are. I've been meaning to show off my lion for awhile, just haven't had the time to upload. Here's him after trick or treating at our house on Saturday. Trick or treating was his most favorite thing ever once he figured out that people were putting candy in his bag:)

10/30/10 Treats!

And with his cousin Luke at Great Grandma's house on Sunday...

10/31/10 Ready for trick or treat

Josh's birthday party went very well. Presents were fun to open.

11/13/2010 Presents

But not near as fun as taking toys out of the box and playing with them. Both Josh and Luke figured out pretty quick that I was only interested in ripping off the paper but Aunt Peggy would take toys out so they could play with them.

11/13/10 Open! Please!

Since this was Josh's first birthday with us, we played the fun and hopefully not prophetic "What Will I Be?" game.

11/13/10 A tailor, drunk, rich, or a priest?

That is not its official name and Erich thinks we're nuts. Apparently this is only something that Polish people do as most of his family didn't know what was going on and mine was sitting there cheering Josh on. Anyway, the short explanation is that you take the lucky birthday kid (usually at the 1st birthday) and hold his hands while someone else places a shot glass, silver dollar, spool of thread, and a rosary in front of him and then let him go at it. What he picks up first is supposed to be indicative of what he'll be in life- drunk, rich, a tailor, or a priest. Joshua took his time and touched everything in the order it was placed but his first real pick up was the shot glass. I think the rosary and silver dollar were next and not so much on the spool of thread. So according to that game I'll have a drunken, rich priest for a son someday. I guess time will tell.

Cake was next and we weren't sure how much Joshua would get into it as he really doesn't like cake all that much. When it came time to blow out candles he was much more interested in the candies on top.

11/13/10 Candy is more fun than cake

But when we gave him his own giant chocolate cupcake and let him and Luke (who turned 1 in September and is an expert cake eater now) play together much cake was eaten and chocolate frosting smeared. And yes, shirts were taken off as a precaution as well as trash bags laid out under the high chair though the boys weren't really interested in throwing their cake overboard so much as smearing it on their tummies.

11/13/10 Josh and Luke eating cake

11/13/10 More cake

11/13/10 Chocolate smiles

And if the party wasn't enough fun and sugar, we opened more presents on Joshua's actual birthday and had more cake with Erich's family as Joshua shares a birthday with Erich's grandmother.

11/18/10 Josh's cool new couch

11/18/10 Putting together the Duplo fire station

11/18/10 Happy Birthday to Joshua and Nanny

So now we're all up to date on baby pictures again. I'll try to get some stitchy things up next time around. For now I'm off to do some Christmas finishing and drool over some HAED charts I bought at the Thanksgiving sale.


Karin said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fantastic time.

Abi said...

Belated Happy Birthday, buddy! You're getting big so fast!