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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Forgive me for forgetting to post this sooner but we actually found some rather cool souvenirs while we were in Russia and by the way we're home two months today. That went so fast!

I forgot about these until we were starting to get ready for Joshua's upcoming baptism on Sunday and Erich pulled out this kit to start working on it...

St. Basil's model 8/18/10

It's a Russian brand Lego-like model of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. We thought it would be really cool to put up on a shelf in Joshua's room. A very high shelf indeed we've decided after opening the box.

St. Basil's kit before 8/18/10

An instruction book, 14 bags of parts, and decals! This is definitely a job for Super Dad:) We'll see if he can get it done before Sunday. We're hoping to put it out on a table with the cake along with a digital frame playing some of our Russian trip pics for the family who we haven't seen since we've been home.

And I don't know how I forgot but I actually found Russian cross stitch in Russia. How cool is that! The mall with our favorite grocery store out in the region had a small craft shop at the entrance to the grocery store. It actually had a really nice selection of supplies for various crafts. There was quite a lot of yarn and some beads as well as some cross stitch supplies. They were mostly kits but they did have some fibers and fabric as well. The kits were all Russian brands, nothing I recognized from home. I do remember seeing Madeira silks which I haven't really seen often in the US but I have a few skeins I got in an exchange I received from a European stitcher. I restrained myself because we were worried about baggage weight at that point in the trip but I did buy two kits- one of St. Basil's Cathedral and one of another Cathedral in Moscow that I know we saw but Erich and I are disagreeing on which one it was exactly. I'll have to do a little research into that one another day, Wikipedia is not immediately answering my question.

Russian cross stitch 8/18/10

More Russian cross stitch 8/18/10


Hazel said...

Brilliant souveniers! x

Jo said...

Lovely souveniers - you'll have to post a photo of St Basil's once Erich hs finished construction!!

Missy Ann said...

Ok, that may be one of the most awesome Lego sets I've ever seen.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great souvenires the lego set is too cool!