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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping and Santa's Magic

Joshua's daycare day and Erich's long shift at work lined up to be the same day this week so he suggested I take yesterday as a Mommy Day. I don't know when the last time was that I had a day completely to myself with absolutely no work to do but I enjoyed it.

My first stop was to the optometrist to pick up my new lens. Yes lens, not lenses. I had an exam a couple weeks ago and tried to pick my new lenses last week but apparently there was a little trouble. When they popped the new lenses in and I took a look I couldn't quite get everything into focus. They assured me that it was just my eyes trying to get used to the glasses and I should give them a fair trial. I gave it to the post office and back when I realized that it really wasn't just new glasses- I could see perfectly out of the left lens but the right was worse than my eye without any glasses at all. Back to the optometrist. At first they wanted me to try them for the weekend. No. Then they wanted me back for a second exam. Fine. So they put back in my old right lens and as I'm getting into my car they come running after me to tell me they think they see the problem. I go back in and they show me where when the doctor wrote down the prescription part of it was a three digit number I can't remember just now, we'll call it 147. When they wrote down the order on the sheet to get the lenses made someone wrote 047 instead. Woohoo, I'm not nuts and I told you there was something wrong. So they had the lens remade and now I can see just fine out of both eyes.

But back to Mommy Day- Stop #2 was House of Stitches and I took my time since I had nowhere to be.

Shopping tirp 8/11/10

I bought more than I intended to but I don't get out there very often and there were a couple things calling so this Mommy got a treat. There was a bit more but those are presents and you never know who might be reading:)

My other stop for the day was Jimmy Johns to pick up lunch and then home to enjoy TV that is neither sports nor cartoons and stitch the afternoon away. The result of my afternoon alone with Santa is that I finally finished the stitching portion and am ready to start the beading.

Santa's Magic 8/11/10

It's a few days later than my goal of finishing the stitching but not too bad. I think I'll leave the beading until next week though as I won't have a whole lot of stitching time the rest of this week. We're getting ready for a weekend trip to Chicago to go to a baby shower and visit some of Erich's relatives there. I'm going to take some smalls with me but definitely no beading. Take care and have a good weekend!


Hazel said...

Mummy day. Lucky you lol. Lovely new Christmassy stash too. x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds like the perfect Mommy day! That Santa looks amazing!

Cheryl said...

Ooooh, nice haul! Mommy days are vitally important. Don't ever deprive yourself of the opportunity. Erich gets props for suggesting it! Yay for Santa progress!!!

Missy Ann said...

One of these years I'm going to start Santa's Magic. Probably sooner than later. I figure I'll crack when you post your HD pictures.

Christine said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!!

Jo said...

sounds like a lovely day Sara - you deserved it! Lovely stash - are any of those going with you to Chicago, I wonder?

Karin said...

What a great day - congrats on finishing all of the stitching too!