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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Just a quick post to say that we made it back from the specialist late yesterday evening. The appointment went well and Joshua was very good, even when they had to stick him for the TB test. The initial opinions were pretty close to what I was hoping for, he seems to be doing well but is small for his size and a couple months behind on a few developmental things. No one seems to be too concerned though as long as the bloodwork all comes back with the right values and we continue to make progress.

We really liked the doctor and will be happy to schedule the followup in six months which was her recommendation. It will be exciting to see how much progress we can make in that time and hopefully her "diet" will get him moving closer to normal in size and weight. The doctor basically told us to think of all the things we'd avoid while dieting (butter, fatty foods, cream) and feed those to our son:) Now we just have to make sure that we don't partake of too many of those things ourselves!

On a stitchy note, I did manage to almost finish one Christmas ornament (minus beading) in the car on the 5 hour ride to the appointment and get about half of another done on the way home. Pics coming another day.

Keep cool, we're trying to. We've got temps in the high 80's to low 90's with humidity to match. Don't you just love summer?


Erica said...

Glad your appointment with the specialist (an endocrinologist, perhaps??) went well.

DS#2 has an endocrinologist who tells us to do the same things you've been told - lots of high-fat foods, butter, gravy, etc. etc..... I'm amazed I'm not 400lbs myself, but I do manage to avoid most of the things DS#2 is supposed to eat.

He also likes those meal replacement drinks - like Ensure (not sure if that's available in the US or not...) and they're good for adding some more poundage to a little frame.

I'm sure with all the love and attention he's getting that he'll catch up in no time!

Enjoy your little guy - he won't be little for long!

Missy Ann said...

I'm so glad he had a good check up. Lots of people don't seem to know how important fat is to early brain development. My own boy was on whole fat milk until age 3, then I stepped him down to 2% until around 3rd grade. Now he drinks skim or 1% (he's a healthy weight for his size so I don't sweat a little extra fat for a growing boy).

If he'll eat toast a piece of whole wheat bread with butter at every meal could be a good way to sneak more in. But I know! He's so little and little tummies can only hold so much at a time. Oh! grilled cheese sandwiches - has he tried those yet?