WIPocalypse 2012

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Painting is done

And now construction begins! Nothing major but Erich is in the middle of putting Ben's bed and dresser together now that our painting projects are complete in his room. Our friend came over and finished up last night and we're very happy with the results. We think she did a great job of freehanding these guys right out of Noah's Sub.

7/1/09- Alligator in Ben's room

7/1/09- Giraffes in Ben's room

The lighting wasn't the best in the room this morning so sorry if the details are not quite all there. I'll try to get some better pics when the room is done. We'll be taking some anyway for our album for court. The agency says that the judge likes to see pictures of the adoptive parents with the child from Trip #1 and pictures of the home and child's room there so we'll definitely be sure to include these things. I'm just happy that I can start taking everything out of the closet where it has been living while the painting was going on. You can see it all stacked up in the giraffe picture.

Not much else to share today, still not feeling great and I'm unfortunately working a bunch of hours over the next couple weeks between OT shifts for extra money and training shifts to get ready for our company's new computer system so that probably won't help. I was told by my DH to relax this morning so I think I might just do that until I have to leave for work this afternoon. Have a happy 4th if I don't make it back before then!


Karen said...

The room looks great!! You must be getting so excited.

Jo said...

wow, what a cool bedroom - that's one lucky little boy!