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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 7- Back in Moscow

Being up early for our flight back to Moscow was not a problem as our bodies were still not used to the region's time zone. I can't remember if I mentioned earlier but as far as time zones go on this trip we traveled across 8 to get from the US to Moscow and another 4 to get to the region so the change in time every 2 days as we traveled meant we never really quite knew what time it was.

So at 5:20 am local time we were sitting in the lobby of the hotel with the other couple we traveled with, waiting for the translator with paperwork in hand. These were the papers that would trigger the start of our adoptions in Russia- the ones that said we wished to move forward to finalize our adoptions, to have our children's names changed if desired, to be put on their birth certificates. Very exciting stuff.

The translator arrived and double checked our papers then it was time to leave. After one last drive through the city (almost hitting a couple of pedestrians in the process) we arrived back at the small airport. We went through several security checks and of course my bag got pulled and thoroughly searched. I don't mind security, I know it's their job, but how do they know to pick the bag I'm storing most of our dirty clothes in? Oh well, they won't remember me next time I see them.

The plane ride was much the same as before but warmer this time. The other couple we traveled with happened to have a thermometer function on their cell phone which told us it got to 90 degrees on the plane. Before it got that warm we were served the same meal as our previous in-country flight and we munched on the safe-looking things. Somewhere between the heat and the food though, something didn't agree and I got to use my very first air sickness bag. Lots of fun but we'll try not to repeat that next time. I was grateful to finally reach Moscow and grab a Sprite in the airport.

The same Moscow translator as before picked us up and took us back to the Arbat Hotel for one more night. Because of the time zone changes we had done the neat trick of leaving the region at 7:40am, taking about a 4 hour flight and arriving in Moscow at 8:15 am. By the time we arrived at the hotel it was late morning and we all decided it was time for a nap. We got the very same room we'd had earlier in the week, almost like being home again:)

A few hours later we were refreshed and walking around Arbat Street. We picked up a few more souvenirs, had some dinner, and watched the parades go by. It was May 1, May Day and there was a bit of celebrating going on. We also saw some rather random things on our walk down the street...

Arbat Street- A monkey...in a coat

Arbat Street- The horse

Yes, that's a monkey in a coat and a horse too though we saw them at separate times. We assume the lady's sign said something about paying her to take a picture with the monkey, not so sure why there was a horse on the street though. We also saw quite a few street performers of varying talent. After our last tour of Arbat (for a little while anyway) we headed back to the hotel and spent a few hours talking and exchanging photos with the other couple we traveled with. Then it was time for one last sleep in Moscow before our long trip home.

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