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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two posts in one week!

Can you believe it? No two week gap between posts:) Life is starting to settle down for the moment, until the big rush to get all our paperwork off to Russia. I wanted to share the two awards I received from some blog buddies recently. First up, from Barb...

brillante award

And from Jo...


Thank you ladies!! It's nice to know that someone still reads, even when there's not a lot to read at the moment:) Now I'm going to be a bad blogger because I'm supposed to nominate more blogs for these and there are blogs out there that deserve them but I think about everyone I know has been nominated for one or the other by now so I'm going to skip that part just this once. I will add these and another award I got awhile ago to the sidebar when I get a chance though.

On to stitchy things! I got an envelope in the mail from Dinky Dyes yesterday as prize for the Stitching Olympics last month. Jo's silks are just gorgeous! What a generous prize!

Dinky Dyes Prize 9/10/08

Not much to see yet but I have been stitching on Skeleton Crew a bit. I've got mostly just a white blob so we'll skip the pic until I get something more to look at. I've been alternating between that and Kaleidoscope the past week or so just to get a break from all the white.

That's the big news for this week, nothing too exciting going on in the adoption process. The home study is being worked on by the social worker and we're heading off to get two different sets of fingerprints done on Friday so that should satisfy all the background check requirements. Should also give me some major stitching time in the car. Still need to do a few things though before we can send everything off to be apostilled (state seal) and then on to Russia. We're getting close though. Most of what we need can't be completed until after the home study documents are finished and signed though so it's really out of our hands right now.

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