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Sunday, July 27, 2008

S'Mores and burnt hot dogs can fix about anything:)

We're back from camping and I feel much better. Thanks for all the words of support, they mean a lot! As far as the adoption goes, we've talked about it and made a few decisions on how we're going to handle parts of it and I feel much more relaxed. Still a bit nervous about traveling to a foreign country and bringing home a child but I know we can handle it and we're going to work through all the paperwork and legal stuff together.

We had a good time camping and I did get a few pics that I'll share as soon as I get the camera unpacked and the pics uploaded. The weather was gorgeous and we spent some time sitting around the fire, walking around the park, and playing with my little cousin. The cooking and cleaning were shared all around and no one felt like they had to be working all the time so that was nice. We're all planning on doing it again in October when the weather really cools off. That's good chili-making weather and there's nothing better than a bowl of chili that's been cooking over the fire all day. Should be just in time to celebrate our dossier reaching Russia too so I'm sure we'll be ready to relax then.

Had to work today which cut the morning at the campground a bit short for me but that was all right. I did ask for some extra hours this week so I gotta take what I can get. Planning on getting a bit of stitching done now that everything's unpacked and put away. I'll work on Santa's Magic until the end of the month now and I might as well wait until then to share a pic. It's only a few more days. I think I'll swap it out for a Noah's Sub August. Now that we've got the adoption rolling I've really got to get moving on that one.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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