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Sunday, February 03, 2008

QS Believe Update

After much stitching at the end of January, I'm proud to present half of a butterfly:)

QS Believe 2/3/08

It seems like this one is stitching up much faster than the dragonfly did but that was my first HAED and I don't think I worked on it for stretches quite as long as a month so maybe it's just that.

This one is going to live in the stitching crate for awhile now. In honor of Finish It February I'm going to pull Celtic Christmas back out and see if I can finish her up. She's probably the closest to being finished out of my projects and is a gift for my grandmother so I should get her done and framed. Haven't had any stitching time yet this weekend so I'm really looking forward to sitting down tonight and watching the beginning of the Super Bowl. Erich and I aren't wild about the teams this year so if it gets boring we're going to switch to the Mythbusters marathon on Discovery.


Deanne J said...

It's so pretty, can't wait to see more.

Megumi said...

Your Believe piece is coming along very quickly!

I can't wait to see your Celtic Christmas. I stitched that a few years ago - probably one of my favorite pieces. :)

Vicki said...

Looking good! :-)

Thank you for the ad! I'm adding you back now!

tkdchick said...

looking great!