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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The furniture has arrived!

About time, too! We've only waited almost 4 months now but that's not important anymore. I'm so relieved to be done dealing with this company and to have my beautiful furniture that I don't care how badly they treated us at the moment. Here's a quick peek at what we got...

New Furniture 1

New Furniture 2

New Furniture 3

New Furniture 4

I love the way the colors and fabrics turned out. The orangey pillows in the second pic aren't really orange, they're much more brown in real life BTW:) I'm still not sure that those or the light green ones are staying on the sofas though, two sets of accent pillows seems a bit much when you're sitting on the sofa but we'll give it a bit of time and then decide. I'm quite tempted to stitch the next weekend away in my comfy new chair though:)

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Karen said...

Great furniture! Enjoy it! I'd definitely claim that comfy-looking chair for my stitching nest! Glad to see your blog is back up, too.