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Sunday, December 23, 2007

TWCOE revealed

Thank you for the kind words about my Celtic lady. I resisted the urge to start something new last night and worked on her a bit more- after all our Christmas preparations for the night were done of course:) Erich was kind enough to help me start the cooking so tonight will be a much easier night and hopefully we'll have some time to sit down and watch another Christmas movie or something. I wish we could do everything ahead of time and be done but some things can't really be made until the day before or so.

I've been meaning to show off the ornaments I sent and received from TWCOE. I sent off two this year and was pretty pleased with them. Finishing is not my strongest skill but hopefully the recipients were happy!

First is the TW Beginner Whitework ornie which I really enjoyed working on and mean to do multiple times again in different colors and fabrics:) This one went to Elenadragon:

TW Beginner Whitework ornament 11/30/07

And this one is from the JCS 2003ornie issue and I believe the designer was Full Circle but I'm not positive on that! It originally called for 3 green buttons where the jingle bells are but I thought the bells would be more fun:) This one went to PJMck:

Santa's Stash 11/30/07

In return I received two lovely ornies from Puffthelacedragon...

TWCOE 2007 TW ornie

And one from 1Terry...

TWCOE 2007 ornie #1

Thanks ladies! These two have already joined the small collection on our tree:)

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tkdchick said...

What beautiful ornaments I didn't participate in the TWOE this year... the first time ever for me!