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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Computer problems

Grrr, stupid computer. Our home computer has decided to deny us access to the internet for no apparent reason so I probably won't be able to show any fun stitchy pics for awhile. I can tell you though that I've been working on and off at giving my Celtic Christmas lady a swirly gold trim for her skirt. Other than that holiday preparations are underway here, this weekend coming up will be baking weekend and I may get some wrapping in too if I get really ambitious.

Here's an SBQ for now, I've got quite a few tucked away in my file:)

November 8: When you have to frog out stitches, do you reuse that thread or do youstart over with a new strand?

It depends on the thread and how easy it was to frog. If the thread is a PITA to frog I'll probably snip the stitches and start over. If it is fairly easy to pull out and only a few stitches I'm probably going to reuse it. For huge sections that need to be frogged I usually pull out several stitches and then snip the tail so it doesn't get too long and tangled. I figure threads like that are gonna be so fuzzy from being pulled through the fabric all those extra times that they'll be unusable anyway so I don't mind snipping them and tossing them in the ort jar. Specialty and/or expensive threads I try to salvage if at all possible but plain, old DMC is pretty cheap around here so I'm not a miser with it.

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