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Thursday, November 01, 2007

November Goals

Thanks for all the pumpkin comments! The trick or treaters really liked them too:) They're really not that hard to carve, just take some patience and a steady hand. We did use template from Pumpkin Masters. My family's been collecting their patterns for quite a few years now so we have a pretty wide selection as they come out with at least one new booklet every year.

Another new month already so it's goal time again. Last month went pretty well in the stitching area but outside stuff just didn't work out between all the rain we got and the health problems I had toward the end of the month.

-Finish QS Dragonfly-Yes
-Participate in the month-long TW SAL with my Nativity WIP-I'm planning on doing about a length of thread every time I sit down to stitch- I participated but didn't get as much done as I wanted to.
-Participate in the HAED SAL Challenge weekend- Yes, but barely. I didn't get too much done that weekend.
-Stitch some on Santa's Magic- Yes, I've made good progress on Santa.

-Get bulbs planted out front-No
-Cut down dying plants for the winter if it gets cold enough and they look dead enough:)- Started to but got off track with the rain and migraine/neck issues.
-Get out and look at some living room furniture already, we've been talking about it for months now- Yes! And we even bought some:)
-Walk Leland at least 3 times a week-No, rain and migraine stuff got me off track here too.

And for November...

-Finish Mirabilia contest goal for Santa's Magic.
-Finish 2 Christmas ornaments.
-Start work on stitching surprise for Hazel:)
-Participate in the HAED SAL Challenge Weekend.

-Get BB packages together and into the mail.
-Get TWCOE package in the mail on time.
-Cut down plants for the winter.
-Plant tulip bulbs out front.
-Get out of town for a weekend with DH:)
-Start decorating for Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving of course!

Have a great November everyone!

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tkdchick said...

Best of luck with your November goals!