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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble Update 10/16/07

Well, I was really hoping to show a finished QS Dragonfly next but I'm just not there yet. Didn't get as much stitching time this weekend as I wanted so better luck this week. I'm hoping for some good stitching time today as it is rainy and cool outside but the poor doggy is whining at the front door for a walk so maybe we'll hit the pet store for a bit where he can stretch his legs. Trust me doggy, I know you and you won't like a walk in the rain. You run from every sprinkler we see and this would be like walking in a giant sprinkler.

I did get a few stitches in on QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble for the HAED SAL and I'll distract you with that pic for a few more days while I get back to QS Dragonfly. It's not much but I did stitch, LOL!


QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 9/12/07


QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble 10/16/07

I also got a few lengths of thread in on TW's Nativity but I'm saving that pic for the end of the month.

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Hazel said...

Looks good. I know what you mean cos mine doesn't look like I have done much either but I really have stitched on it!!