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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October Goals

Thanks for all the congrats and entries for surprise goodies so far. Remember, you still have a couple days to sign up in the comment section of this post if you haven't had the chance yet.

Another new month, another set of goals. Last month went pretty well:

-Participate in the HAED SAL Challenge Weekend-Yes
-Finish the top quarter of Polar Lights (minus beads and treasures) that I'm currently stitching on-No, got caught up in finishing QS Dragonfly instead.
-Start Santa's Magic for the Mirabilia BB's contest-Yes, I've got a tassle and a bit of beard done so far.

-Finish sorting clothes for donation-Yes
-Take clothes to donation center-Yes
-Organize our closet and dresser-Yes
-Finish cleaning out the basement storage room-Yes

I meant to make some goal about walking with Leland but must have forgotten. We're walking about 3 times a week on average so that's not too bad.

For October:

-Finish QS Dragonfly
-Participate in the month-long TW SAL with my Nativity WIP-I'm planning on doing about a length of thread every time I sit down to stitch.
-Participate in the HAED SAL Challenge weekend.
-Stitch some on Santa's Magic.

-Get bulbs planted out front.
-Cut down dying plants for the winter if it gets cold enough and they look dead enough:)
-Get out and look at some living room furniture already, we've been talking about it for months now.
-Walk Leland at least 3 times a week.

I have a couple pics for you today too. Thought I'd give you an updated "before" photo of Nativity so I have something to compare to later. Sorry if this one's a little blurry.

Nativity 103/07

And I scanned QS Dragonfly again this morning too. It's almost done!!

QS Dragonfly 10/3/07


Suzanne said...

Hey can you e-mail me your addy - I'm not sure I have the new one!! THX Suz

Christine said...

Oh wow, Dragonfly looks great!! You are SO close to finishing!

tkdchick said...

YOur WIPs look great, best of luck with your October goals.