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Friday, May 25, 2007

SBQ's and Some Updates

So I'm feeling better just in time for a weekend full of work. That just figures. Still have a bit of a cough and the feeling that my voice could go if I talk too much but it could be worse. Erich and I both have Monday off (yay!) so we're going to have our own short weekend from Sunday night to Tuesday morning and celebrate by watching the Coca Cola 600 and having a quiet day on Monday.

Oh, and I have to report that I have completed my first goal on my 101 in 1001! It was #12- Participate in a stitching exchange. My piece for the Dragon Dreams exchange arrived safely and I will have pics of that soon as I get camera plugged into the computer. Only 100 to go!

After a crazy morning yesterday I did get some stitching done on Titania and hope to pick her up tonight and this weekend too. What happened yesterday morning, you ask? Long story short- Leland got into a travel-sized bottle of ibuprofen when I had my back turned and I had to induce vomitting at home and then keep an eye on him the rest of the day. I felt like a horrible mommy! We've been so careful to keep things out of his reach. It must have fallen out of one of my travel bags and rolled under something while I was unpacking from last weekend. He's fine, by the way, just spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I'm just glad I caught him quick and he's okay. I think the worst part though was after I gave him the peroxide (per the vet of course)- apparently that's supposed to work pretty much instantly but not on my dog. Oh no. He licked his lips and wagged his tail like I'd given him a treat and didn't have any ill-effects for about 15 minutes.

On to more pleasant things and hopefully we'll never have to repeat that experience! Time for a few SBQ's:

5/16/07: If you could only stitch one more piece what would it be and why.

I think it would have to be Teresa Wentzler's Summer Faerie. That is the piece that turned me on to her work and the BB's. I stitched it once for a high school friend but we've lost touch and I've not seen her or the piece in about 6 years. I have always wanted to stitch it again for myself and just haven't gotten around to it. I love the colors and the design and I remember how vibrant the colors were when the original piece was wet (I washed it when I was done). I've always thought about trying to convert it to capture those bright colors. Maybe someday.

5/10/07: How do you choose a project for an exchange? Do you pick solely onwhat you know of the taste of the recipient or are there other reasons you pick the piece you do?

Sometimes I pick something I know the recipient will love if I can get enough info about them or know them well enough. If I don't know them or can't find the info, I try to pick a piece that I have always wanted to stitch or like very much myself so at least I can say that I stitched something I liked.

5/2/07: How many WIPs do you have? How many UFOs do you have? When does a WIP become a UFO?

I currently have 9 WIPs- Nativity (TW), Noah's Sub, Celtic Christmas (L&L), Polar Lights Sampler (Chatelaine), The Witch's Pantry (Lisa Cowell), QS Dragonfly (HAED/Jessica Galbreth), Scarlet Wizard (Dimensions kit), Titania (Mirabilia), and QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble (HAED/Josephine Wall).

I have one UFO that I can think of but I'm sure that there are a few others lurking in the bottom of the box that I've forgotten about. The one that I know of is TW's Storyteller and it actually became a UFO not because I lost interest really but more because I found so many other neat things to stitch when I started poking around the BB's and it just sort of fell to the bottom of the pile. I still want to finish it someday. It's a beautiful piece and I love the design, I just have to get back to it!

Take care and have a great weekend!

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Suzanne said...

Hey, glad you are feeling better! Yep, my behind is gonna be planted on the couch most of the day tomorrow! LOL Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600! WOO Suz