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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

It's hard to believe that Erich and I have been married 3 years already! If I'd thought ahead I would have scanned a few of the wedding photos for today. Maybe I'll dig them out tomorrow. I think they're in a box in the computer room.

Unfortunately we're not able to do anything fun today to celebrate because of work and school but we're planning on having a nice evening out this weekend. We're really not doing presents but Erich did bring me a dozen white roses at work this afternoon and we allowed ourselves each a little extra fun money earlier in the month. I've still got about half of mine but the rest was spent at one of the HAED sales. I think Erich's is all gone, probably on tools. Oh well, we enjoyed splurging and that's what matters:)

I do have pics to share from the Dragon Dreams Exchange I participated in recently. The exchange rules were to stitch and finish any small Dragon Dreams design. I chose Time Well Spent, a freebie, and finished it as a bellpull. I used a sky blue hand-dyed fabric (28ct) and stitched over 2. I made my own cord out of DMC Color Variations and found the butterfly charm in my stash. Sorry if the photo's a little blurry, didn't realize that until after the piece was in the mail to Erica.

Dragon Dreams Exchange 5/16/07

I received a piece from Ruth. She stitched Moon Dragon as a bellpull and added the prettiest bookmark to the package:) Thanks Ruth!

DD Exchange 5/28/07

Not much else going on today- it's hot (87 with a ton of humidity) and I had to come back to work so I haven't done a whole lot except a bit of cleaning inside and some stitching. I should have a few stitching pics soon though.


Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Erica said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love my "Time Well Spent" bellpull - it rests proudly in my office right beside the computer. I admire it every time I sit here. Thanks again for making this for me!

Kelley said...

Happy Anniversary Sara! My nephew got married on the same day as you did.

See you around the Needle and Thread Yuku board